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About StartFiling.com

Our Mission Statement

We empower motivated and creative people to start and manage a successful business by sharing valuable guides and advises free of charge.

Why Us?

StartFiling.com is a free online resource made for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs where we share all sorts of information about company formations, filing requirements, business entities, tax differences, business names, costs, and other things which one must consider when starting a business in the US.

Our intention is to help as many people as possible form a successful business, achieve financial freedom and make more workplaces in the US.

We do not offer any services, we do not collect any personal information, and do not charge our visitors.

How We Are Funded

We do not charge for our services nor do we collect and resell your personal details. However, we have affiliated partners who pay us a fee when you order their services from our website.

So if you need a professional company formation service, give our partners a try, this way you can also support our Website.